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Stress Resilience Coaching

Seeking balance? Vitality? 

Biofeedback can identify & optimize your stress response. We can create your personal stress plan.

Retrain your body's stress response

What are your stressors?

A stressor is a chemical or biological agent, environmental condition, external stimulus or an event that causes stress in our bodies. 

A stress response may be triggered by: 

*environmental stressors (electrical and magnetic fields, radio frequency, wifi, airborne pollutants, pesticides, insecticides)

*nutritional stressors (toxins, denatured foods, allergens, food additives)

*daily stress events (weather, money, quality and quantity of physical activity)

*life changes (divorce, bereavement, health conditions, aging) 

*workplace stressors (job demands and exertions, postures) 

*chemical stressors (smoking, alcohol, drugs) 

*social stressors (societal and family demands and role expectations)

*sickness (viruses, bacteria, molds, parasites, inherited conditions)

*injury and pain


Stressors cause physical, chemical, mental and emotional responses that can impair our health. Physical stressors produce mechanical stresses on skin, bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves that can cause tissue changes, deformation and in extreme cases tissue failure. Chemical stressors also produce biomechanical responses associated with metabolism and tissue repair. Physical stressors may produce pain and impair work performance. 

Chronic pain and impairment requiring medical attention may result from extreme physical stressors or if there is not sufficient recovery time between successive exposures. Stressors may also affect mental function and performance. 


How can you reduce their impact?

At White Buffalo Wellness we help you build your personal Stress Resilience Plan with self care springboards from your biofeedback reactivities including:


Alignment with Purpose

Anti-Aging Activities

Awareness Exercises


Classic Biofeedback

Colour Therapy

Daily Routines



EMF Stress Profile

Emotional Freedom 

Intention Setting


Energy Medicine

Essential Oils

Flower Essences

Health Mapping

Meridian Stress Unblocking

NLP for Situational Stress

Sacred Geometry

Selye Stress Scale

Stress Aggravation Insight

Stress Inventories

Stress Risk Profile

The New German Medicine

Visioning & Visualization

Contact Abhinna, Certified Biofeedback Specialist and Stress Resilience Coach

Book today for:


Get clarity with this 15 page outline of spinal, meridian, digestive, nutritional, environmental and emotional stressors. 


Gentle and effective retraining of stress patterns. Select  from these retraining stress balances: 








Nervous System

Nutritional Absorption


Overall Organs

Peak Brain Performance 

Sleeping Problems


Weight Loss


Focuses deeper attention on any of the above or on your 1 or 2 top stress concerns or stress around health issues. Strong deviations in 11,000 electrophysiological reactions help map out your path to resilience.  


Reviews patterns and priorities in your 11,000 possible stress reactivities to design an in-depth Personal Resilience Plan. Includes 2-90 min or 3-60 min session package. 


seek a deeper balance


Addiction Release and Retraining $80

Anti-Aging Session $80/$120

Clarity Report $50 

Dental & TMJ Stress $60 - $120

Injury/Accident/Pain $60 - $80

Learn to Meditate  (Path of the Heart) - FREE to group of 3 or more.

Peak Performance Training $80

Simply Indigo Simple Stress Reducer $30/$45/$60 

Simple Springboards $30

1-2 Priority Deep Stressor Focus Session (N.D. designed protocols for health challenges - see Simply Indigo for examples of areas to go deeper into) $80/$120

Situational Stress (emotional focus) $80

Stress Coaching (E.F.T. and other self-care strategies) $30 - $80

Total Stress Load $320 includes 2-90 min or 3-60 min session package or $150 for plan only.

Coming Events

Simple Solutions Saturday - Come out to SouLability in Valleyview to experience the Simply Indigo Stress Reducer (your body selects the priority areas of concern) or Simple Springboards workup. Either one only $30 for 30 minutes. Simple Solutions includes identifying your most helpful colour, essential oils, flower essences and gemstones plus electrical hypnosis, colour therapy and an emotional balance. It will also reveal your biological age reactivity.

Dates T.B.A. soon!

The Story of White Buffalo Wellness

The inspiration for White Buffalo Wellness was born under a new moon and northern lights in a new province for me. Having come from afar to build resilience in my own life I decided to draw a card from the wonderful Native Spirit Oracle Cards by Denise Linn, invoking a card that would represent my manifestation and mission in my new home.  White Buffalo it was. Indigenous legend has it that the White Buffalo comes when balance needs to be restored -- connection to the fecundity of earth and bliss of sky. When we are stressed we must call these deeper and sacred energies into our lives, and embrace their power. It is my aspiration to help seekers of this inner peace learn to manage and transcend the stress of everyday life and grow into their true potential.

About Abhinna

Abhinna grew up in a mystical sacred space in southwestern Ontario, close to the most southernly point in Canada. There she embraced beauty on the shores of Lake Erie but also learned about the toll of environmental stressors on people. Her father enjoyed longevity to begin his 95th year but her mother passed in her 50's. This led her to ponder the secrets of longevity and to embrace risk-reduction whole-heartedly.  In her 30's she worked with peak performers at the National Ballet of Canada, and in her 40's she worked with a holistic doctor who specialized in chronic fatigue. Over 10 years ago she became certified in Biofeedback, first working with the Scio and then the Indigo, a class 2 medical device designed for stress detection and balancing. She has had the privilege of being trained and mentored by exceptional people in several fields of healing.

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Sessions can be done distance (over the phone for coaching or through the ethers for energy balancing) or by appointment at SouLability in Valleyview on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, or other times by arrangement.